Best Synthetic Winch Rope

The 6 Best Synthetic Winch Ropes of 2024

Winch ropes have traditionally been made of steel but synthetic ropes offer advantages that metal cannot, such as less weight and greater strength. We use both types of ropes on our off-road adventures and test many different options in our team.

On this page, we’re reviewing the best options on the market this year. Let’s get into it!

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FieryRed Synthetic Winch Rope (8200 lbs)


Ranger Ultranger Synthetic Winch Rope (7500 lbs)


Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope (25,000 lbs)


Offroading Gear Synthetic Winch Rope Kit (6400 lbs)


WARN 72128 Synthetic Rope (4200 lbs)


Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope (7700 lbs)

1. FieryRed Synthetic Winch Rope (8200 lbs)

FIERYRED Synthetic Winch Rope

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This winch rope is resistant to damage from the sun and can pull any of your vehicles lower than 8,200 pounds. Like most synthetic winch ropes sold online, it’s 50 in length. You can splice it if you want but most won’t need to as the rope contains plenty of strength on its own.

There are 12 nylon sections braided together, giving the rope plenty of thickness to move most objects quickly during emergencies. Fasten it to your plow during the winter for snow removal or get your stuck 4×4 out of the mud when off-roading in a remote area.

Just be careful to avoid pulling anything at any other angle than straight. The rope could fray or break under such conditions. But using according to the directions provided with the product will get you multiple uses from the rope.

Key Features:

  • Made with UV and water-resistant nylon
  • Best compatible with winches between 3,000 and 6,000 lbs
  • 50- rope length


  • Braided with 12 nylon strands to prevent shaping when below the limit of its winch breaking capacity of 8,200 pounds
  • Works on snowplows without breaking
  • No fraying when pulling quad bikes up small inclines
  • Moves stuck vehicles easily when the rope is at a straight angle
  • Provides an equal or stronger pull than some steel winch ropes


  • None that we could find.

2. Ranger Ultranger Synthetic Winch Rope (7500 lbs)


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The Ultrager also comes with comprehensive instructions and it’s recommended for people who don’t pull winch ropes often. This includes first-time campers, hunters, or offroaders driving in unfamiliar road conditions. All ropes sold by the company are pre-stretched to prevent them from pulling to the point of tearing within the pulling limit. This limit is 7,500 pounds, so the likelihood of doing this on the first try is small.

Each Ranger rope has a nylon sleeve attached to the area immediately behind the thimble. It’s a failsafe to prevent fraying in the area, which so often occurs with the rope without this feature.

If you’re planning to cut the rope for splicing, looking at the other product shown instead is advisable. This is due to the strength of the synthetic material, which won’t cut with a knife that’s even partially dull. But overall, there’s nothing physically wrong with this rope. It’ll get you out of muddy situations when they arise.

Key Features:

  • Pre-stretched ropes to increase longevity
  • Thimble at the end of the rope for eye safety
  • 7,500-pound tearing limit


  • Fast install, good installation instructions
  • The rope has a sleeve made of nylon, making it useful for pulling mowing equipment and plows
  • Strong enough to pull some trees without snapping
  • Compatible with any steel cable winch
  • Will never bunch at the end so long as the rope isn’t too loose when spooling


  • The rope won’t cut with a knife that’s even mildly dulled

3. Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope (25,000 lbs)

OFF ROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope

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Many synthetic ropes are powerful enough to pull offroad vehicles, yet others specialize in them. The Off-Road Boar is no exception. With it, you can carry it with you anywhere you go, in-vehicle or not. It weighs only six pounds and is never a drag to carry around.

Rusting isn’t an issue, either, regardless of the rope becoming soaking wet. Remember, it’s synthetic and no part of the rope is corrosive, including the stainless steel thimble. But why exactly is it good for offroad vehicles?

This lies in the fact that the diameter is thick. If you’ve driven ATV or other quads before, you know that they’re susceptible to mud, and can become stuck when it’s wet outside. This will save you the time and frustration of having to tow your ride out by other means. Plus, you can attach it to virtually any winch and fairlead that you have already placed on your 4×4.

Key Features:

  • Coated in graphite to shield it from sun damage
  • A lightweight body that weighs approximately six pounds
  • Non-corrosive and won’t rust when temporarily left out in the open


  • The included thimble is made of stainless steel and doesn’t bend under ordinary stress
  • High strength at 25,000 lbs capacity
  • The red-colored jacket allows the rope to be seen and recognized in situations with poor visibility
  • Features a shackle hook to move vehicles and objects stuck in awkward positions
  • Not susceptible to melting at the tip that’s close to the sleeve


  • Doesn’t dry quickly when wet

4. Offroading Gear Synthetic Winch Rope Kit (6400 lbs)

Offroading Gear Rope

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Have you ever attempted to pull an SUV with a winch? SUVs are much heavier than your typical offroad vehicles and are at great risk of fraying when pulled. In such a conundrum, you’ll need something that can withstand the pressure and weight on their heavy-duty winches. The Offroading Gear Rope and surely deliver when it counts.

The rope is thick and has no stretch, at least that you’ll notice when a pull is done with it. Not only can you fit on SUV winches, but others that are smaller as well. It doesn’t matter the shape of the fairlead, either. Try not to angle the fairlead in a position where it drags along its edge, and you should have no issues.

If you store it outside, you can use the carrying case that it comes with but there won’t be any UV protection. For that, you’ll have to acquire a separately sold case. Still, it’s great at what it does and it’s guaranteed to last longer than one pull.

Key Features:

  • Dense rope with no visible stretch
  • Can fit SUV winches
  • Safe to store outside with a cover


  • Not harsh to handle with the hands, won’t damage gloves
  • No risk of snapback if the even of it breaking
  • Easy to tie and place in the included bag
  • Stays flexible and doesn’t appear to be affected by mud
  • Weighs less than three pounds


  • The carrying case isn’t UV-resistant

5. WARN 72128 Synthetic Rope (4200 lbs)

WARN 72128 Synthetic Rope Replacement Kit

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Although steel ropes are better than nothing, using a synthetic one is safer. But that’s not the only reason you might want a replacement. One major complaint from people new to using synthetic rope is their weaker build than steel. Yet the Warn 72128 proves that synthetic can maintain the same strength as steel winches.

This rope comes with a fairlead. It should fit with most winches, as shown in its product description. The load weight is capped at 4,200 pounds, good enough as your primary winch rope over the steel that you’re replacing it with. Additionally, there are no worries of the rope snapping back at you if you do go over the weight and it breaks.

Key Features:

  • Has a Load weight of over 4,000 pounds
  • Comes with a durable fairlead
  • Suitable as a steel rope replacement


  • Can pull at slight angles when needed without tearing, especially with plows
  • Doesn’t lose its color over time
  • Dirt doesn’t cling to the synthetic strands
  • Spools evenly with all compatible winches
  • Easy to cut when splicing is needed


  • No steel thimble included

6. Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope (7700 lbs)

Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope

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Last on the list is the Ucreative, a properly-named winch rope that’s particularly good for anyone planning to use it for plowing. When people think of plowing, the first thing that comes to mind is snow. This product is great for that purpose, but it could also serve as a plow for other materials, such as sand.

Stretch is minimal and there’s no risk to the user of any kickbacks in an unfortunate snap. Weight capacity for pulling is listed at 7,700 pounds. That’s plenty of power to lift your quad out of a jam.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight synthetic rope
  • UV-resistant nylon
  • 7,700-pound weight limit


  • Sold in multiple color options
  • The protective sleeve extends to five
  • Quarter-inch diameter rope that bends well when spooling wrapping up for storage
  • Splicing is easy to do given that the rope is holloed out
  • Won’t break when used for plowing in snow


  • May break with anything other than Hawse fairleads

Verdict & Review

FieryRed Synthetic Rope


Ease of use











  • Braided with 12 nylon strands to prevent shaping when below the limit of its winch breaking capacity of 8,200 pounds
  • Works on snowplows without breaking
  • No fraying when pulling quad bikes up small inclines
  • Moves stuck vehicles easily when the rope is at a straight angle
  • Provides an equal or stronger pull than some steel winch ropes


  • We have not identified any flaws of this rope

The FieryRed rope has been our favorite by far and we use it on all our cars except on winches with higher pulling force. In our experience, steel ropes are sometimes unpredictable, where one might not know the outcome when using them in a difficult situation. Synthetic ropes have proved themselves time and time again as they don’t end up snapping violently and have no corrosion issues. As for our winner, we can’t even find any drawbacks of using this rope from our experiences with it.

Buying Guide

The first thing you want to ensure when looking for a synthetic rope is its compatibility with your gear. Many people who shop for winch ropes are already in possession of fairleads and winches. However, if case you’re not familiar with them, take a look at their description:

  • Winch – Winches are devices that attach to machinery or vehicles that function as spools for the winch rope. They’re commonly found as accessories on Jeeps, Boats, ATVs, UTVs, and some 4×4 SUVs. Their primary function is to allow the vehicle to pull other objects, or to be pulled. Great at getting stuck automobiles out of mud, ditches, and deep potholes, winches are extremely helpful when other means of assistance are unavailable.
  • Fairlead – A fairlead is a small piece that fits near to a winch and usually takes the shape of a hollowed-out cylinder. They help to guide the winch rope in and out of the spool. When used appropriately, a fairlead will prevent the rope from fraying or stretch to its breaking limit. Additionally, they can block the user from damaging the rope by forcing it to release from a straight angle.

Remember, some winches could be incompatible with certain synthetic winch ropes. This is uncommon but to ensure that yours is suitable for a winch already in your possession, check with the product manufacturer. Most brands will show this upfront in their product description, so you shouldn’t have to go on a chance to find an answer.

When choosing an appropriate winch rope, consider the environment you anticipate using it in. Some ropes are better for seldom use while others could be placed out in the sun with no risk of fraying. Most synthetic ropes retailed have at least some UV resistance. If you leave it out for a day, there shouldn’t be any worries. But anything longer than a week may damage the material, especially in humid or icy conditions.

Yet since synthetic material typically contains no metals, rusting won’t develop, been when out in the rain. Some thimbles may rust if you don’t use them for a while but they’re easy to replace.

What to Know About Weight Limits

Synthetic ropes aren’t much different from steel ropes in this area. Both have their limitations to what they can pull. You’ll want to stay within the weight numbers that are listed on the rope’s product description. Of course, this might not always be the case. If you’re only using them to move the occasional vehicles or ATV, you can use virtually any winch ropes and nothing should break.

Keeping the weight down will make the rope last longer than a couple of pulls. If you must have the strongest, go for ropes with not only a high pulling capacity but a thick diameter. Synthetic ropes with more brains tend to fray at a slower pace, particularly when stored out of direct sunlight.

Keeping Your Synthetic Rope Clean

Winch ropes are supposed to be meant for heavy-duty tasks. You may not find the time to clean them. But with a little bit of care, your should last longer than you would expect it to. Some ropes contain graphite material on the outside of the nylon or synthetic braids.

If you see this, try to avoid getting too much water on its surface. The graphite is what makes the rope resistant to UV light. It would take pressure to wipe it off but never store the rope in locations where it could get soaking wet for longer periods.

Lastly, find a synthetic rope with a carrying case, if possible. Some products include them with the rope itself, others don’t. If your rope doesn’t feature a case, obtain one with UV protection and the sun won’t age the material before having the chance to try it out.

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